My Top 7 Burgers In Movies Picks

There is always a movie that has hamburger in it. I think it would be fair to say that the burger is a character of its own and can bring in a ton of revenue. We all love a hamburger, from the juicy beef patty dripping with fat to the sweet crunch of pickle chips we all desire a burger of some sort. This is my top 7 list of recipes that fit some of the movies we know and love, there is a t-shirt that you can get for your next burger grilling day.


#7 That Hawaiian Burger Joint

If you like Quentin Tarantino movies you definitely remember the iconic scene from Pulp Fiction with Samuel L. Jackson talking about “Big Kahuna” and how tasty it was. Here is a Pineapple Pork Hamburger that you will find delicious and fits as something you could get at this wonderful fictional restaurant. Recipe from Budget Bytes.


#6 Wimpy

Popeye the movie starred the very talented Robin Williams and Shelly Duval, but for us foodies and burger lovers we only care about the lovable character “Wimpy”. From the live action movie to the cartoon Wimpy has always been the de facto standard of a burger aficionado. I always pegged him as a slider fan. Try this Loaded Juicy Lucy Sheet Pan Sliders recipe, the sauce alone is worth a mention by itself. Recipe from Host the Toast


#5 Good Burger’s Good Burger

I know some of you all remember the Good Burger TV show, then it became a movie. This burger recipe is a two part. Follow this recipe from The Wholesome Dish then go to Jalen’s Bakery for the iconic “Ed Sauce” to complete this beautiful sandwich. Be sure to get the t-shirt in the header.


#4 The Golden Calf

Kevin Smith is a genius with comedy in my opinion. When I watched Clerks 2 for the 100th time it reminded me of the friendship the two main characters had. I knew that this hamburger had to be huge and I present you my creation The Paddock. Put in all the spices for that full effect and try my Paddock Aoili with it too.


#3 H.K.G.T.W.C

I remember the first time I had a White Castle Slider, it was good. The onions cooked with the beef patty, the salty flavors and moist bun. It was just simplicity at its finest. I can totally understand why the adventure Harold and Kumar had getting to their destination was worth it. Enjoy this recipe from Yellow Bliss Road and grab a t-shirt in the header.

#2 Big Gulps, Huh?

Dumb and Dumber is still one of my favorite movies of all times. The scene with Harry and Lloyd eating the extremely hot peppers and them trying to cool their mouths with the condiment bottles will always be a timeless classic. This gorgeous spicy burger won’t melt your face off but is filled with wonderful flavors that will make you take your time and enjoy every bite. Recipe from Food and Wine


#1 The O.G.

Jughead from Archie Comics is the ultimate foodie of all time. He will devour a pyramid of burgers that are stacked 10-sandwichs tall as it is wide in one sitting. If anything I think he would give Goku a run for his money on an eating contest. This last burger isn’t the sandwich but just the patty by itself. I wondered what could be in the burgers (or water) in the town of Riverdale that would make those meat, pickles, and bread so addictive. I am going to say BBQ sauce, enjoy this recipe from Daily Dish Recipes and enjoy the Jughead t-shirt in the header.

I really enjoyed making this list for you and I hope you enjoy the t-shirts and recipes that were inspired by movies, I will be making more in the future and if you have any ideas please comment and follow me on Instagram.


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