My Top 7 Sushi Roll Picks

Who remembers the first time they tried a slice of raw tuna with a small oblong shape of sticky rice? Do you still remember eating the whole dab of wasabi because you thought it was something sweet (I did)? I still remember being with my girlfriend going to a little teriyaki shop in East Bremerton and sharing a California roll. We both mixed the serving of wasabi and soy sauce into that infamous slurry of spicy saltiness to dip our pieces into. The taste was so natural and satisfying. From the crunch of the cucumber to the creamy avocado wrapped in seaweed and rice created a magical moment for this foodie.

I make my own nowadays and will share with you my favorite recipes for sushi rolls that I know you’ll love too. I won’t be sharing raw fish recipes for safety reasons. These recipes will be easy to follow and I will provide you with links to tools you will need to put these tasty meals together. Again, DO NOT HANDLE RAW FISH UNLESS YOU ABSOLUTELY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!

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#7: Shrimp Tempura Roll

Dinner at the Zoo

Dinner at the Zoo provided us with a wonderful and easy to follow recipe for a tempura shrimp roll. My son is a huge fan of tempura shrimp and California rolls, we like making sushi rolls together and this is one to share with your kids. It helps to have a sushi making kit.


#6: Philadelphia Roll

Savor the Best is coming in with this gorgeous roll of smoked salmon cuisine. You know you have stood at the Hors d’oeuvres platter and tried your hardest to finish off the smoked salmon that your boss caught and cured himself in remote Alaska. So lets just wrap it up in some seaweed, cream cheese, sticky rice and chill. I like the lightly smoked salmon in this because it is like working with raw fish and safe to eat. If you have kids that would like to get into eating sushi this is a great starter.


#5: Heaven Roll

Secrets of Sushi

Secrets of Sushi is a blogger that I like to follow on YouTube for his recipes, tutorials, and styles. He brings his unique take on making sustainable choices in our food to his blog that makes readers come back for more. This young chef is going to make a great impact in the culinary world one sushi roll at a time. This is a more complex recipe but so worth it. Follow closely the simple instruction ahead of time before you start your setup. I assure you that if you have a date night at your house and they don’t have any seafood allergies, you won’t need a fortune cookie to tell you how lucky you’re going to get!


#4: Caterpillar Roll

Secrets of Sushi

Secrets of Sushi creates another culinary treat for us. The sliced avocado on this fun looking sushi roll with eel sauce drizzled over it is a delicious treat for those days you want to sit around and play centipede. It was a challenge to slice the avocado like he did in the picture, but it does take practice. If you like to make food in your home like I do then take your time.


#3: California Roll


Tasty brings us into the top 3 of the list. Tasty has an app that will bring to your mobile devices satisfying recipes. I have used their videos and app to feed my friends and family with wonderful meals. The California roll is an iconic roll that nobody ever gets tired of. I know I am not the only one that has ordered 2 of these for themselves. I will tell you kids love making these sushi rolls.


#2: Dragon Roll

Just One Cookbook makes a great recipe for a sushi roll and the dragon is one of my top favorites. I made this for myself and binged watched samurai movies. I highly recommended The Samurai Trilogy and make two of these.


#1: Eel Roll

My Electric Bites

My Electric Bites has created this all time favorite sushi roll that is full of flavor. The eel roll is my absolute top pick when I go out for sushi. The salty and sweet flavors incorporated in the BBQ eel and sauce makes me dream of when Origami Sushi opens and I get 2 of these. I always enjoy eating this and drinking a Japanese beer like Sapporo, sometimes I like to dress up nice and pretend that I an exhausted CEO from Tokyo when I go in. I replaced the brown rice for white when I made it, but I bet it is just as amazing with it.

Well folks, there is my top 7 sushi roll picks. I hope you enjoy this list and will try these recipes, these bloggers, cooks, and chefs worked hard on creating these treats of epicurean delights. Give them a shout out and let them know tshirtchef77 sent you.

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