My Top 7 Dragon Ball Recipe Picks

I am not going to hide how much I like Dragon Ball. I can watch all the bootlegged videos for hours. Just wish I could eat like the Sayians. There is something very primal with how the cartoon works. I mean they turn into giant apes that talk and know martial arts. If you do attempt to eat like these powerhouses I suggest you have a good workout routine.

Remember that the link for the t-shirt is in the header over each picture and each picture is the link to checkout the cooks, foodies, and chefs that created these delicious meals and concoctions to inspire us to cook more often.


#7: Fruit of the Tree of Might (Demon Realm)

The Demon Realm has amplified its effects. Whoever eats of the fruit of the Tree of Might will gain incredible power beyond compare.
— Towa’s description of the Fruit in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Who doesn’t want to eat that? With devil fruit made into a sticky rice lunch or dinner I would say this is one dish that will possess you too. Here is my search for this wonderful meal


#6: Peaches of Immortality (Ensenji)

The Ensenji is based upon the Peaches of Immortality in the Chinese epic Journey to the West. In the Chinese epic, the Handsome Monkey King, Sun Wukong (who the character Goku is loosely based upon), is appointed guardian of the Heavenly Peach Guardian and steals several of the Peaches of Immortality belonging to Xi Wangmu (a Chinese Goddess, the Queen Mother of the West). A single peach grants the Handsome Monkey King over a thousand years of life and great power. The Ensenji, which was heavily influenced by the Peaches of Immortality, have very similar effects – Quote from here: Ensenji

Peaches, immortality, and fighting. I can see why The Presidents of the United States wanted so many peaches.


#5 Tamago

In Dragon Ball and all its weird multiverses eggs have their own function. You could eat them but it might turn our to be an evil fighting Namekian that is ready to beat up some little kids. Don’t worry the little kid wins.


#4: Sacred Water

The Sacred Water (超聖水 Chōseisui, lit. “Super Holy Water”) also called Holy Water or Divine Water, is a mystical water that is stored in The Lookout, where it is used as a cure from brainwashing and more importantly, being a mind slave.

I always imagined Kami as guy that would be making this all day while looking over Earth, just sitting there drinking this tea… trying to remember his name.


#3: Fruit of the Tree of Might

Fruit from the Tree of Might… That’s quite a souvenir he brought! Only divine beings like us are supposed to be allowed to eat that holy fruit. It grants whoever eats it incredible power, but it costs an entire planet to produce.
Old Kai describing the Fruit in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Guess what?! There is a DBZ salsa made! KA-MEH-HA-MEH-HA!!! chips. I bet the fighters would have a lot less fights if they ate more of this.


#2: Ultra Divine Water

The Ultra Divine Water[3] ((超神水 Chōshinsui, lit. “Super God/Divine Water”) is a magic water that will draw out all of the drinker’s potential if they can survive its poisonous and painful effects.

We all know how much more fun it is to drink flavored water, but when an 800 year old cat that is a martial arts master is in your way from this tasty beverage it becomes less fun. Korin is a jerk… I hope he didn’t hear me.


#1: Senzu Bean

Senzu Beans (仙豆 Senzu, lit. “Hermit Bean”) are mystical beans with immense rejuvenation properties in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Seriously, I didn’t know how to go about finding something for senzu beans. But Google is an amazing search engine filled with recipes for the most obscure queries. I am not going to pick a particular recipe but I am going to recommend this video of a true fan of DBZ and fitness.

There you have it folks, my top 7 Dragon Ball recipe picks. This is always fun when I can get into making these to show the comparison of food to pop culture. Be sure to click the header over each picture and enjoy these recipes and don’t forget to follow, like, comment, share, and click. Tell them that tshirtchef77 sent you. #tshirtchef77


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