My Top 7 Reasons Why Ryan Reynolds Is A Horrible Actor (Roast)

Here is my Top 7 movie and t.v. picks why Ryan Reynolds is a horrible actor. Now I want to be clear that this is a friendly roast of our Canadian stepchild. That we wind up giving all our attention to because he always reminds us that we will never be his father.

Yes I do like the Deadpool movies and his wonderful feud with Hugh Jackman. I haven’t tried his Aviation Gin but I do enjoy the commercials. But sticking to the theme of this post, this is going to be a roast with recipes and t-shirts. I think you will like this one.

As always click the link in the header above each picture for the t-shirt and enjoy the commentary.


#7: Green Lantern

Let us start it off right with a movie that had more CGI than Avatar. Nothing stopped this sour apple sweet tart of a movie from the horrible acting and comic book story line killer Ryan Reynolds. In a skin tight onesie dipped in the juice of a light stick he discovered how to really put a bad taste in our metaphorical mouths for an iconic comic book character. Luckily our good friends at Dinner then Dessert has provided a delicious slow cooker recipe to help us cleanse our palette of this nightmare of a movie.


#6: Fifteen

Oh Canada… don’t do teenage drama. Please leave that to us, you get a free pass with “You Can’t Do That On Television” which starred a young Alanis Morissette (she let Reynolds hold her hand in public). This copycat of Saved By The Bell called for anybody who had blonde hair and pretend to be American. Enter the Reynolds. If you want to enjoy this TV show I suggest a sandwich made from the roast beef recipe created by Amazing Ribs. The horseradish sauce is the best so far. I will say you will need to eat at least 4 of these in slider style sandwiches.


#5: Ted

I love how Seth McFarland doesn’t give Reynolds any lines in his movies. In one movie he just stands there and gets shot. This isn’t a Ryan movie, he was just a small appearance as a better actor’s boyfriend. Which reminds me I need to do a list for that guy. Umami gives us a delightful smoker recipe full of flavor and mouth watering enjoyment, this should make everything better.


#4: Amityville Horror

What is with remaking this movie? This was not scary nor was it entertaining. I wish he had made a movie about how to take a horror film classic from a true story and turn it into a bugle boy jeans commercial. Yes I know they don’t make them anymore, but here we are remaking this movie so why not remake those too. Since we are looking into the depths of hell we might as well have a good rotisserie beef roast from Dad Cooks Dinner. This roast is one the best I have ever tried. You absolutely have to get the rotisserie attachment for your grill.


#3: Van Wilder Party Liaison

Now I do admit I like watching this one, but this is filled to the rim of the sippy cup called the acting prowess of Ryan Reynolds. This is what happens when you mix your ADHD medication with your caffine pills you got from Jessie Spano and diet pills from Kelly Taylor and wash it down with a Four Loko. Just look at Tara Reed, she can only get Sharknado movies. She is safe now. With the wonder of the Instapot meal maker you can give your college son or daughter something to make meals with, have them try this recipe from The Recipe Rebel so they will eat good for the next 4 years or more.


#2: The Proposal

Welcome to having Betty White and Sandra Bullock in a movie and screwing it up with the fart that is Ryan Reynolds acting. It was so bad that they had to put Bullock naked in there. Can’t save the movie? Well lets just throw in The Golden Girl with some cultural appropriation for good measure. Since we are here we might as well enjoy the smells of this dutch-oven recipe Sunday Supper Movement.


#1: Syzygy

Yes folks this is the title of the X-files episode that starred our kooky Canadian bowl of poutine. The character’s name was “Jay De Boom”, he was a high school jock, and he died. The writers couldn’t do much for Reynolds, his audition must have been so bad that his character was still a virgin when he died. Then they came up with a crazy title and they hired two girls from Hot Topic to kill him. I think Tyler Labine (a much better Canadian) did better than Ryan, he lived for 3 episodes. So let us drown ourselves in a deep fried prime rib roast from Kent Rollins. This is the best, do not change anything on this recipe.

That’s all folks! I have given you 7 picks for why Ryan Reynolds is a bad actor in this friendly roast. He has a very impressive resume of movies and television parts. Salute to you good sir, as always please follow, share, check out the t shirts, comment, and enjoy the recipes that go with the picks. #tshirtchef77 Your Kitchen and T-shirt Geek.


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