Top 7 Game Ideas For Your Next BBQ

This is something that we all enjoy, we love to get together with friends and families to partake in the celebration of cooking food over fire. Everybody brings their favorite side dishes and drinks. Kids are running around getting their hands into everything.

Besides sitting around and getting ketchup and BBQ sauce on our favorite T-shirts we also partake in the outdoor activities. No, there won’t be any lawn darts in this list, but these classic games will always be a favorite for your next cookout. Please check out the headers for the featured t-shirt and click the links for products that you can get for your next gathering.


#7: Dominoes

Dominoes have been around for a long time, this tile game can be traced back to 1120 CE in China according to The article also states that when introduced into Europe they gave it the name of “Domino” which is a Latin derivative of “dominus” (i.e. Master of the House).

This will always be a great game to have at any gathering.


#6: Spades (Card Game)

Now just having a deck could lead to any card game like Gin-Rummy, Go-fish, War, and many others. Spades have been an all time favorite of mine, the strategy, counting, and watching your opponents moves makes this game much more entertaining.

According to Wikipedia, spades birth place was Cincinnati, Ohio and gained it is popularity during the second world war. Soldiers would be playing this card game during that time, after the war and with the GI Bill the game became a favorite in universities among students who were looking for a fast-paced card game.


#5: Badminton

Always a fan favorite in American cookout games. What we see as a backyard game while making hot dogs and burgers is in fact an Olympic game since 1992 and World Games event in 1981.

The history of this game comes from British India when it was called “battledore and shuttlecock”. This racquet based game has seen it fair share of travels in Europe and finally landing in Asia where the game has been it most popular.


#4: Volleyball

Who can’t resist getting out and playing a round of this high-flying, trash-talking game filled with moments of spikes and setups. I still remember the time when I was tall enough to spike the ball and my uncle Mike taking one to the face from my misdirected shot.

This game was an alternative to basketball. Volleyball was called “Mintonette” and created in 1895 (4 years after basketball) in Springfield, Massachusetts. Basketball was considered to aggressive due to contact between players, it was well liked by the younger crowd but not so much the older business men. Thus why volleyball was created, you have the intense workout like basketball just not the contact with players.

We can all say that this has been a wonderful back yard game at any cookout.


#3: Football

Ah yes, the mighty pigskin. AKA: the pineapple, moleskin, peanut, and many other names that define this staple of Americana in all our backyard and cookout events.

This game could be played as tackle, touch, or flag. even just throwing the football around has been a great past time by itself.

This sport has its roots traced back to mid-19th century when it was develop from the sport of rugby. The professional games started as early as 1892 with match of Allegheny Athletic Association against Pittsburgh Athletic Club.

Well all know someone at the cook out is going to wind up throwing the ball and it hits the potato salad.


#2: Frisbee

How could I not mention this great game in a BBQ/cookout blog. The inventor owned a pie company. You can see how this guy’s imagination worked.

In 1957, the toy company Wham-O created the first plastic Frisbee. The rest is history. This circular flying disc has been filling our time with memories of watching the older kids doing different tricks and throws, or playing a football like game called “Ultimate Frisbee” for many years.


#1: Horseshoes

This derivative of the 1st century Roman game of Quoits has been the iconic backyard game for everyone. I still remember getting a ringer and being so excited. I also remember almost hitting someone with the heavy steel horseshoe too…sorry uncle Mike…again.

This game is so well liked here in America that chances are you will find a horseshoe pit in parks across the land. Most BBQ establishments might have some kind of version of the game.

For me, I think that this game has been the one that people tend to have the most fun doing. Watching families create tournaments and creating a sense of cohesion. Cheering each other on while we wait for when the cook says “TIME TO EAT!!”.


Final Thoughts

What ever game you choose to bring to your next cookout should always bring that sense of nostalgia when you were a kid. Smelling the lighter fluid and charcoal, the salty taste of potato chips, the ice cold orange soda that left a orange colored mustache on your upper lip.

I still remember the cheers and congratulations for playing well, winning my first family horseshoe tournament (I practiced a lot). Nowadays I enjoy watching the kids play the games while I man the grill and food display. I am proud to feed my family and others and I am honored to be the one that yells out “TIME TO EAT!!”


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